Second set of leaves

Things are still looking good. Most of my seedlings have or are starting to develop their second set of leaves. Which if I understand correctly, is an important step. I’m hoping to move them away from the grow light soon, since I still have cucumbers, kale, and others to plant.

Out of the original round of planting, here is where they stand:

  • Four pots each of spices: Cilantro, Basil, Oregano, and Arugula
    • Cilantro: All sprouted
    • Basil : Most sprouted
    • Oregano : None
    • Arugula : All
  • Four pots Old Snow Peas. This is a store bought pack from several years ago. We planted directly in the soil but it did not work out so well.
    • All sprouted and are growing like wildfire
  • Four pots Old Squash. These might actually be Melons. In any event, these seeds have been taken from the veg/fruit, and are not store bought.
    • All sprouted and are growing like wildfire, but two of them seem to have droopy leaves.
  • Four pots Old Hot Peppers. Again these were taken from the plant, and are not store bought. While I did not mark them as such, I suspect the are Jalepanos.
    • ūüė¶ None have sprouted. Maybe they were not fertilized??
  • Four pots each of peppers: Hungarian Hot Wax Organic, Tiburon, Monet, and Cayanetta.
    • Most have sprouted. These seem to be the slow guys in the crop. But I guess that’s because they typically require warmer client.
  • Two pots each basket tomatoes: Tiny Tim Cherry, and Tumbling Tom.
    • All have sprouted and are looking good
  • Six pots of Sweet Heart Tomato.
    • All have sprouted and are looking good

Hopefully will get them all in to larger styrofoam cups this weekend, with more soil. So far I am happy with the results

Growing too fast

Our snow peas and old squash are quickly outgrowing their space in the flat tray containers. So I have moved them in to styrofoam cups, with additional soil and seed starter mix, which is supposed to be good for the root development.

I then placed them in plastic kiwi containers, which offer a bit more height, but still not enough to close the cover. I think as far as these two plants go, low temperatures of 18C should be ok. The grow lamp actually gives off a little heat, so they should be ok.

Speaking of grow lamps, I had a little surprise with mine. I purchased four, and had two in use. Yesterday I pulled out another one to use on the newly transplanted items. To my surprise, the light tube was not even a T5. I contacted the good people of McKenzie, and they will be shipping me a replacement tube. So good customer service on their part!

I was having problems with the white balance on the camera last night, so no pictures today.




Next Up, Snow Peas

I know, I know, this picture is horrible. I’m going to break out the Nikon for the rest of this project, rather than use the iphone camera.¬†SnowPeas

I was somewhat surprised to see these snow peas sprout. This is an old (opened) store bought pack, from several years back. Maybe as much as 5 years old.

Since I did not expect them to make it, I’m wondering what I’m going to do with them. I’ve have a designated indoor spice area set up, but these are going to require more space to grow, and I am guessing they will be ready before I can put them outdoors.




The Seeds Have Arrived!


We arrived home last night in the middle of winter, to find a big box from Veseys had been delivered. It feels like spring already!


What was in the box you ask?


  • Nagoya Mixed Colours Kale Flowering Brassicas
  • Ripbor Organic Kale
  • Hot Pepper Collection (4 Pkgs.)
  • Early Butternut Winter Squash
  • Tiny Tim Cherry Tomato
  • Tumbling Tom Tomato
  • Sweet Heart Tomato
  • Talladega Cucumber
  • Nautic Organic Brussels Sprouts
  • Early Russian Sunflower
  • Square Jiffy Pots 2.25″

Everything we ordered was there, no backorders. So far so good.

I’ve placed the box of seeds in a cool dry spot for a few weeks. We purchased an enclosed glass unit to start the seeds off indoors. I’ll need to assemble it first.