Looking for a good App

I spend a few hours a day in transit, during which time I often spend on using my IPad. I have a great App for working with text, and syncing back to the office using GIT. What I would really like to do is to plan out my new garden on my IPad. It’s not going so well.

The basic idea would be to layout my property, complete with house, shed, etc, then add in the gardens, complete with vegetables. I’ve purchased several apps. Some that will do planning, and other that will do gardening. But nothing that combines the two, they way I would like them too.

I thought I was close when I hit The Garden Planner from The Old Farmer’s Almanac, however that product is web based. While there is an IPad version, which I purchased, it appears to be be a scaled down version, lacking many of the items from the web based version.

Maybe I should just do it on paper.