21 Days

After 3 weeks, things are looking pretty good. I’ve moved many of the peat pots in to larger styrofoam cups, with extra soil and root starter. I’m hoping to move them in to the big glass shelving unit soon, so that I can start my next batch.


Second set of leaves

Things are still looking good. Most of my seedlings have or are starting to develop their second set of leaves. Which if I understand correctly, is an important step. I’m hoping to move them away from the grow light soon, since I still have cucumbers, kale, and others to plant.

Out of the original round of planting, here is where they stand:

  • Four pots each of spices: Cilantro, Basil, Oregano, and Arugula
    • Cilantro: All sprouted
    • Basil : Most sprouted
    • Oregano : None
    • Arugula : All
  • Four pots Old Snow Peas. This is a store bought pack from several years ago. We planted directly in the soil but it did not work out so well.
    • All sprouted and are growing like wildfire
  • Four pots Old Squash. These might actually be Melons. In any event, these seeds have been taken from the veg/fruit, and are not store bought.
    • All sprouted and are growing like wildfire, but two of them seem to have droopy leaves.
  • Four pots Old Hot Peppers. Again these were taken from the plant, and are not store bought. While I did not mark them as such, I suspect the are Jalepanos.
    • ūüė¶ None have sprouted. Maybe they were not fertilized??
  • Four pots each of peppers: Hungarian Hot Wax Organic, Tiburon, Monet, and Cayanetta.
    • Most have sprouted. These seem to be the slow guys in the crop. But I guess that’s because they typically require warmer client.
  • Two pots each basket tomatoes: Tiny Tim Cherry, and Tumbling Tom.
    • All have sprouted and are looking good
  • Six pots of Sweet Heart Tomato.
    • All have sprouted and are looking good

Hopefully will get them all in to larger styrofoam cups this weekend, with more soil. So far I am happy with the results

14 Days In

Some of the seedlings started hitting the top of the plastic container, so I decided it was best to get them out of the covered container, and in to something with a bit more room. So I placed most of the jiffy pots in styrofoam cups, with more potting soil and seed starter/root development mix. I hope these type of cups are ok for this purpose. I’m assuming since most of the seeds have sprouted, our indoor temp of 18C ish, will be high enough for this phase.

The snow peas are¬†definitely getting to big, and their little¬†tentacles are shooting out. I’ll need to be careful or they might hook on to some other plant. The squash are getting pretty big too. Next year these two will be started in April rather than March.

For the most part, there are two plants per cup. As I understand it, I need to make a choice as to which one continues one. I think I’ll wait on that, or maybe try my luck at separating them.

I did not move the spices in to the cups, as we are planning to keep these indoors. So were going to pick up some suitable pots for these, ones with proper a drainage tray. We have a great glass shelving unit for these, and are hoping to have fresh spiced all year long. Or maybe it’s herbs.



Growing too fast

Our snow peas and old squash are quickly outgrowing their space in the flat tray containers. So I have moved them in to styrofoam cups, with additional soil and seed starter mix, which is supposed to be good for the root development.

I then placed them in plastic kiwi containers, which offer a bit more height, but still not enough to close the cover. I think as far as these two plants go, low temperatures of 18C should be ok. The grow lamp actually gives off a little heat, so they should be ok.

Speaking of grow lamps, I had a little surprise with mine. I purchased four, and had two in use. Yesterday I pulled out another one to use on the newly transplanted items. To my surprise, the light tube was not even a T5. I contacted the good people of McKenzie, and they will be shipping me a replacement tube. So good customer service on their part!

I was having problems with the white balance on the camera last night, so no pictures today.




More Surprises

When I planted the old squash seeds I found in the basement, I did not expect them to grow. I’m still not sure if they are squash or melons. To me the seeds look about the same. But it seems more likely that I would have kept squash seeds from a plant we grew, rather than a store bought melon.

In any event, I planted eight seeds, and just like the old snow pack of snow peas, all of them have sprouted.



(I think I am going to need some practice using pictures in posts. I was trying to put these side by side.)

Also, I got rid of the¬†popsicle sticks, as the was some sort of fungus or mildew going on them. I have the a listing of the tray contents, so as long as I don’t move them, I am good. As an added bonus, they will no longer be in the way of any future pictures.