14 Days In

Some of the seedlings started hitting the top of the plastic container, so I decided it was best to get them out of the covered container, and in to something with a bit more room. So I placed most of the jiffy pots in styrofoam cups, with more potting soil and seed starter/root development mix. I hope these type of cups are ok for this purpose. I’m assuming since most of the seeds have sprouted, our indoor temp of 18C ish, will be high enough for this phase.

The snow peas are definitely getting to big, and their little tentacles are shooting out. I’ll need to be careful or they might hook on to some other plant. The squash are getting pretty big too. Next year these two will be started in April rather than March.

For the most part, there are two plants per cup. As I understand it, I need to make a choice as to which one continues one. I think I’ll wait on that, or maybe try my luck at separating them.

I did not move the spices in to the cups, as we are planning to keep these indoors. So were going to pick up some suitable pots for these, ones with proper a drainage tray. We have a great glass shelving unit for these, and are hoping to have fresh spiced all year long. Or maybe it’s herbs.




6 thoughts on “14 Days In

  1. Maybe six inches. Radishes don’t need too much depth. Carrots don’t grow full size, but big enough.

    I have a deeper bed, but is not that big and I use it for potatoes.

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