Growing too fast

Our snow peas and old squash are quickly outgrowing their space in the flat tray containers. So I have moved them in to styrofoam cups, with additional soil and seed starter mix, which is supposed to be good for the root development.

I then placed them in plastic kiwi containers, which offer a bit more height, but still not enough to close the cover. I think as far as these two plants go, low temperatures of 18C should be ok. The grow lamp actually gives off a little heat, so they should be ok.

Speaking of grow lamps, I had a little surprise with mine. I purchased four, and had two in use. Yesterday I pulled out another one to use on the newly transplanted items. To my surprise, the light tube was not even a T5. I contacted the good people of McKenzie, and they will be shipping me a replacement tube. So good customer service on their part!

I was having problems with the white balance on the camera last night, so no pictures today.





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