Planting : Round 1

Since it’s almost mid March, I decided I better get going on my peppers and tomatoes. I’m using one inch square Jiffy Pots, made of some sort of peat. Each pot has been filled about 4/5 potting mix, two seeds, then 1/5 seed starter mix.

  • Four pots each of peppers: Hungarian Hot Wax Organic, Tiburon, Monet, and Cayanetta.
  • Two pots each basket tomatoes: Tiny Tim Cherry, and Tumbling Tom.
  • Six pots of Sweet Heart Tomato.

To hold them all, one of those big light plastic starter trays is used. They come with clear tops, to help keep the humidity in. The pot tops have been well sprayed, and about two cups of water have been poured into the base. Much of the water was quickly absorbed by the starter pots.

I feel pretty confident that I can keep the humidity up, but the suggested 80-85 degrees will be more of a challenge. There seems to be a small amount of heat generated by the T5 grow lamps, maybe 2-3 degrees.

Since we wanted to start a small indoor spice garden, I’ve started a second tray, added the spices, and a few older seeds I found lying around.


  • Four pots each of spices: Cilantro, Basil, Oregano, and Arugula
  • Four pots Old Snow Peas. This is a store bought pack from several years ago. We planted directly in the soil but it did not work out so well.
  • Four pots Old Squash. These might actually be Melons. In any event, these seeds have been taken from the veg/fruit, and are not store bought.
  • Four pots Old Hot Peppers. Again these were taken from the plant, and are not store bought. While I did not mark them as such, I suspect the are Jalepanos.

In a few weeks, I’ll plant the cucumbers, squash and others.




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