The Seeds Have Arrived!


We arrived home last night in the middle of winter, to find a big box from Veseys had been delivered. It feels like spring already!


What was in the box you ask?


  • Nagoya Mixed Colours Kale Flowering Brassicas
  • Ripbor Organic Kale
  • Hot Pepper Collection (4 Pkgs.)
  • Early Butternut Winter Squash
  • Tiny Tim Cherry Tomato
  • Tumbling Tom Tomato
  • Sweet Heart Tomato
  • Talladega Cucumber
  • Nautic Organic Brussels Sprouts
  • Early Russian Sunflower
  • Square Jiffy Pots 2.25″

Everything we ordered was there, no backorders. So far so good.

I’ve placed the box of seeds in a cool dry spot for a few weeks. We purchased an enclosed glass unit to start the seeds off indoors. I’ll need to assemble it first.


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